Friday, May 26, 2017

Culture of Appreciation

As we close out another school year at Benton Community, I find myself reflecting on the many teachers that have impacted my life over the years.  When I think about all those teachers and the various impacts they have had on my life, I question whether I have taken the time to thank them for their time, efforts, and dedication to making me a better person.  I remember in collage writing a thank you note to my high school Spanish teacher for inspiring me to become a Spanish teacher myself.  When I saw her later that year, I remember her saying that she really appreciated the note because she never realized the impact she had on my life.  How many teachers go through their careers without realizing the impact they have on their students, colleagues, and community?

At Benton, we have decided that we want to create a culture of appreciation.  We want to model for our students the ability to thank those around us for the impact they have on our lives.  In honor of this tradition, I would like to highlight and thank two Benton teachers that will be retiring this year from our Middle/High School building. Our teachers took some time to reflect on the impact these colleagues have made on our lives and we want to thank them for their years of service to Benton Community.

Happy Retirement Mr. Allman & Mrs. Richer!

Mr. Allman

Mrs. Richer

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