Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I was THAT Teacher

I was THAT Teacher

I read a great blog post last week entitle "We're All THAT Teacher".  As I read it, I thought about myself 3 years ago as a Spanish teacher, with 3 children and a husband of her own at home, trying to coach varsity girls basketball and teach Spanish, all at the same time.  It was exhausting!  I had taught the same level for over 15 years and although I was maturing and growing, my students kept coming to me as 13, 14, & 15 years old kids.  I saw the same behaviors from similar students and I felt myself forgetting why I got into teaching in the first place.  

As I read the blog, I heard these words from the author, Robyn Jackson, "You see, THAT teacher didn't come into teaching bitter, non-compliant, or mean. THAT teacher most likely started out excited, hopeful, even mission driven.  But over time, THAT teacher allowed the challenges of our profession to sour their enthusiasm and poison their passion.  So in a way, we're all just one disappointment away from becoming THAT teacher."  That was me!  I was losing my passion!  I was one disappointment away from becoming "THAT teacher."  Not because I didn't still care about the students in my classroom or the players on the basketball court, I was feeling defeated by the many challenges that stand in the way of teachers and coaches.  It was at that point that I knew I needed a change.

Three years later as an instructional coach, I see teachers in the same boat as I was.  I see them starting to drown in the sea of teaching challenges and I keep trying to throw them a life preserver.  Sometimes, I will find teachers that cling to that teaching life preserver and together we can keep our heads above water.  Together we find a way to meet the needs of the students in our classrooms and give them the best educational experience.  Together we find the passion that got each of us into the field of education.  

Ms. Jackson said it best in her blog, "Passion isn't a luxury in this profession; it is an absolute requirement. Bring anything less than your fully passionate self to work each day and you have put yourself on the pathway to becoming THAT teacher, regardless of your role."  Teaching is hard work, but it's so fulfilling.  Each day I have the privilege of working with students and teachers that help me realize how great it is to be a teacher.  Becoming an instructional coach saved me from becoming "THAT teacher" and I hope I can pay it forward by helping other teachers through the challenges of our profession to experience the joys!

Friday, September 9, 2016

September at BC!

September is off to a great start at Benton Community.  Teachers are helping our students learn and grow in our classrooms.
Human Biology Class labeling scientific names
Mr. Cretin's career class sharing career choices
Mr. Murphy's science class performing a Gummi Bear lab
Mr. Patterson's art class working on shading
Mr. Sutton's science class working on graphing motion
Our teachers also celebrated Rivalry Week for Iowa vs. Iowa State!